Ages 6 & under

20 ft. wide X 35 ft. long

Flat bottom with step entry

Approximately 14 in. deep


60 ft. wide X 120 ft. long (5 ft. max depth)  with  a 40 ft. X 40 ft. Diving Area

Wide Beach Entry (0 in. to 18 in. deep) with fountains and Shallow Lagoon with waterfall (8 in. deep)

Roped Area for children ages 9 & under with step entry (2-3 ft. deep)

Labor Day

Big Splash Show

  Diving Boards

1 meter low dive & 3 meter high dive in a roped diving area (12 ft. deep at center)


Fully restored in 2015! (must be 42 in. tall to ride)

Standing over 2 stories high, this thrilling ride pushes you with 600 gallons of water a minute down a smooth and seamless flume then splashes you into 4 ft. deep slide zone in the pool.  Wickedly Awesome Ride!!!

5 ft. high Kiddie Slide


         Ages 18 & over

        42 ft. wide X 82 ft. long (25 meter/ half olympic)

        3 1/2 ft. deep to 5 ft. deep

        4 dedicated lap swimming lanes

           *2 reserved lap lanes (sign up/ 30 minute limit)

           *2 open lap lanes (fast pace/ slow pace)

        Leisure swim area with step entry

             *Complimentary water fitness class saturdays at 1pm

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